My dad suddenly died yesterday, and I'm still in shock. He was a great man, always there for me. 

As I go through this moment now,  I'm thinking of this thing we call life.  What is life, what is the meaning of life. 

We suppose to live our lives, but do we? 

We go to work, pay our bills, take care of the house, cook food, always waiting for something and then we just...... die. ( still waiting)

Is this true meaning of life. 

No, it is not, don't get me wrong I know we must work, but we must to do things that we love, things that inspires us, things that makes us happy. 

We must try to live our lives fearless, don't be afraid of new things, go climb a mountain, go dancing naked on the beach, write a book, sing.  Don't think what other people will think of you, when you dye your hair green. Who cares of other people, YOU are the one who matters! YOU. If you like your hair green or blue that what matters !  

Go for a walk today, look around you, see the beauty of the world, say hello to strangers, talk to them, buy a homeless man cup of coffee and a donut. Be in the moment, be yourself. Make bubble bath for yourself, cook something special, bake a cake, read a book, or just do what makes YOU HAPPY!

 My heart is broken, but I know that my dad would say smile, be happy baby, I'm still here with you.

Love you forever daddy <3


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