There is something magical in the ....

air :) every day is perfect, right. Well if you don't believe me, just go to the bathroom look at yourself in the mirror, what do you see, pure magic. You are the most beautiful creation universe ever made, everybody is unique. There is no one like you :).
I was thinking maybe it is time to do some experiment, I know, most of you read probably a lot of self esteem or law of attraction books, right. I know I did, and they are basically all the same. They all have one and only message. Your thoughts are your creations. What you think you become.
We must do this experiment every day at last for a month, we all be doing the same thing even me, because I want to try law of attraction on some other level :)
If you want to participate in the experiment, you must do homework of course, on one piece of paper write everything you want to achieve, on the other piece of paper write everything you are grateful for. Gratitude is the heart of law. :) how can we get things done if we are not grateful for the things we already have, we can't.  Every day go to mirror and read out loud first the things you are grateful for and then the things you want to achieve. Please don't mind what the people will think or even say, that is there problem not yours.
You can write a comment, you can talk with me if you want, and no I'm not some kind law of attraction freak :) I just want to test it, and if we can do this together, I think the universe will definitely hear us.
Are you in?

For the time being I did some double chocolate muffins, you know there is nothing chocolate can't fix.

love you all


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