be brave

Hi guys, how was your weekend, mine was pretty awesome. I didn't do much I must say, but it was still awesome. So I did my gratitude list and of course my wish list. I'm doing my exercise every day, reading from my gratitude list and then from my wish list. And you know, something is different. 
Like most of the world population I have money challenge ( I will not say problem, because the word problem has very low vibration), so money is a challenge ( and I love the money :)) but when I did the lists and started to read them out loud the money just came, and there is another thing that came, I found a perfect house for us. I wrote on my wish list Thank you for the most beautiful house with the most beautiful garden, and yesterday I found it :) It's perfect !!!!!  and, yes the house has a garden :) 
You see my dearest readers, we can DO IT !! my Reiki teacher told me yesterday YOU HAVE THE POWER!! and I could agree more with her. We all have the power of manifesting anything we want, but do we realize that, probably not quite yet. But with the exercise we will.
Miracles are happening believe me. Stay focused, I know it is hard if you have challenges ( health, money, relationship or something else) but we must be strong !!!!  and every time you find yourself in a dark place just say FUCK IT !!!  and go further. Don't turn just go.

Stay beautiful, be brave, we can do it!!! 
I made this blueberry pie for you :) 

love you all


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